shared space

HALO is a sustainable student collective powered by the sun. In HALO, sustainability stems not only from the relationship between home and inhabitant, but between the occupants themselves.

The circular shape of the house provides an organic communal space which fosters interaction and communication; a space where residents can share, learn and experience one another. Here ideas and habits can thrive, planting the seeds of a sustainable future.

Energy is generated via HALO's sweeping canopy roof which integrates cutting-edge photovoltaic technology. The roof has been carefully orientated to deliver the largest energy gains throughout the year, but also to prevent the house from overheating during the warm summer months. The North and South canopies have been designed to bridge the gap between the inside and outside and provide excellent opportunities for livable exterior space.

HALO's complexity is achieved through the simplicity of its details. Sustainable, locally sourced timber forms the bulk of the construction. Even with HALO's unconventional shape, this choice of material roots HALO in the Swedish building tradition.

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