locally sourced

Wood is an ancient building material that has been used by native people of Sweden throughout history. Even today wood is one of the most commonly used materials for new buildings, especially small houses. 75 % of Sweden's land area is covered by forest, making the wood industry integral to the Swedish economy.

HALO's main structure is comprised of Swedish spruce and the building is insulated in its entirety with re-claimed wood fiber insulation. All structural wood material in HALO is locally sourced and processed. In contrast to concrete or steel, wood is a rapidly renewable material and reclaims CO2 instead of releasing it. Wood has one of the lowest embodied energies among common building materials, making it a climate neutral solution.

HALO consists of 95% cellulose based building materials. Three main criteria were analyzed when determining the thickness of the wood fiber insulation: embodied energy, cost and heat transmission. Through this analysis 385 mm was selected as the optimal insulation depth. This provides HALO with the lowest transmission losses while minimizing costs and embodied energy.

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