Team Sweden's journey started in autumn 2011, when a group of four students created the first concept for HALO. During spring 2012 HALO was further developed by a new group of 25 students. At the same time, Team Sweden was accepted by the organizing committee to compete in SD China 2013. The spring 2012 was a journey of inspiration, team building and development of knowledge and skills. The following autumn the project went deep into details, and construction drawings were made. In spring 2013 it was finally time to start transforming the project from drawings to full scale building. On May 18th 2013, the HALO containers left from Gothenburg harbour, destination set to Datong, China!

HALO was initially created by Hanna Modin, Lukas Nordström, Carl Molander and Måns Olofsson, and was by a professional jury chosen as winner of the Chalmers competition "Sustainable Building Competition", 2011. The major concept was to separate the functions most crucial to an energy efficient solar building, increasing solar gain while minimizing heat loss. This was achieved by an external roof covering a circular living core. Following this concept several other advantages, both technical and architecturally, where made possible, efficient airflow, external solar shading and flexible living zones both inside and outside.

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