climate adaptive

Halo is a flexible plus energy home. Its mechanical design incorporates a climate adaptive system with a unique solar PV integrated roof. In Sweden, cooling is rarely used in domestic buildings, but we have designed a dynamic ventilation system that can be adjusted according to almost any location or climate.

The technical core hosts all the mechanical and electrical services for the building. The air-handling unit provides the house with fresh filtered air and includes an efficient heat recovery system. Two fan coils together with a desiccant dehumidification unit are located above the core in a compact distribution beam.

82 m² of monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells integrated together with a polycarbonate structure form the solar roof. This system can produce 10 kW of usable energy within the home. Solar cells often have limited architectural or engineering application due to their strict modular form. In Halo, we promote a different kind of solar technology, one that is not tied to the common conception. Our solar cells are not just attached to the roof, they are the roof.

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