"sustainability 2013"

Yesterday we presented Halo for the audience at "hållbarhet 2013" (Sustainability 2013) It was appreciated and many asked questions and wanted to know more about us and the competition.
Time flies! On Monday, we have a safety course and then we are prepared to start building!

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happy winners

At the event we also had a small competition with questions about Halo. These two happy winners get the great opportunity to help us building Halo next semester for 10h each! Congratulation!

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mingle event

On the 4th of December we gathered about 100 people to show more about our process with Halo. We had a presentation about the competition and how our work is going, a wall module in scale 1:1, a panel discussion with some of our sponsors, movies about Halo and a space model of the whole house in scale 1:1. We created a forum to show our project to our supporters and take time to answer questions. It was a success and we had so much fun! Thanks for all support, looking forward to the next event!

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the material is here!

The first materials have arrived and tomorrow we will start to build the mockup! A 1:1 model of the wall to see the connections and try out our solutions before we finalize all the details. It's gonna be interesting to see how it comes together! Thanks to all our partners who helped us get started! A-hus, Derome, Byggma, Ramirent, Rentex, Moelven, Velfac, Joma, Woodisol and Fraktkompaniet.

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back from china

10 team members just returned from China where we attended the second Solar Decathlon China Workshop in the city of Datong. There we took part in The China International Solar Energy Summit, where we displayed our 1:24 model and listened to many experts and politicians discuss the future possibilities in the solar energy industry. We also, had the great opportunity to meet and get to know the other teams! We even had some days to visit sites in both Beijing and Datong, getting some Chinese inspirations and (spicy) food culture. The trip was inspiring and exciting, can't wait for August 2013!

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meetings & media

We continue to meet interesting people and companies to discuss about Halo. Here is a meeting with A-hus. You can also read about us in Metro (page 7), Ny Teknik and Bygga Hus (unfortunately only in Swedish).

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on its way!

The model is done! We just said goodbye to our friends who are bringing it to China. They will take part in the second workshop and meet the other teams. Exciting to see how it is going for everyone!

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on the radio

We just had a visit from the local radio here in our studio and talked about Halo. Cajsa and Josua explained about the competition and talked about our process. If you missed it you can listen to it here. (In swedish)

Today we will finish the last things on the modell 1:24 and on monday we are sending in to China together with the 10 of us that is going to the workshop.

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model in progress

The Halo model is growing day by day. Tomorrow we will cut the roof and the facades. At the same time the 10 students, that are going to the second workshop in China, are preparing the trip!

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learning on site

Yesterday we went on a study trip to a building site in Alingsås. We were able to look into the costruction of the wall in a Passive House and compare it with Halo. Right now we are working with details in scale 1:1 and also with the model of the whole house in 1:24, which is the next delivery in November.

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sd europe in madrid

Four students from our team have just been in Madrid to visit the Solar Decathlon Europe exhibition. It was interesting to see the other houses and talk with some decathletes about their experiences. Everyone gave us tips and advises what to think about the last year in the competition. It was also nice to enjoy some sunny days away from the swedish climate!

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back in school

September is already here and we are back in the studio. We are working hard for a big delivery on the 20th of september. SD China requests 80% of our design proposal.. It´s gonna be a tough month!

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holiday time!

It's about time for all of us to go on vacation! We have been working a lot and it's nice to have some free time. Have a nice summer and see you in August!

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working summer

It's summer time at Chalmers but some of us are still working in the studio! There's a lot to do for the next deliveries but we are moving on and the mood is up!

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first workshop in datong

In the end of May, nine of us travelled to China to join the first workshop organized by Solar Decathlon China 2013. It has been the perfect opportunity to receive further information about the competition. The trip was very inspiring with a lot of fun going on! We have met the other teams that will be competing with us and we have had a great time together. Despite we realized that there is a lot to be done, we are well motivated to continue with our work! There will be a second workshop this fall: we can't wait!

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solar kick-off event

Chalmers has organized a day for all different departments to have a workshop about solar energy. A representative from our team joined it and presented Halo to the audience. It was one more occasion to talk about our project and attract possible partners and sponsors!

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schematic design proposal

Today we delivered our first report to China! After weeks of hard work and tons of coffee, we managed to create a 30 pages booklet to describe Halo. Tough time, but we made it!

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introduction movie

Our first delivery to China! All teams had to make a short presentation about themselves. This is who we are and where we come from. Enjoy!

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study trip to germany

We have just returned from a trip to Germany. Darmstadt University welcomed our team to visit their previous winning entries, which participated in SD Washington in 2007 and 2009. For the first time since the beginning of the process, we had the chance to have a close look of real Solar Decathlon houses and get tips from students who had competed before! On the way home we also stopped in Wuppertal to visit one more house. It was the one proposed by Wuppertal University during Solar Decathlon Madrid 2010 which is today lived by one of their team members.

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getting inspired

Today we had our first presentation in the class. To understand better what Solar Decathlon is about, we have been looking through former entries and tried to find out what made them special among others - we really liked First Light from New Zealand in SD Washington 2009. After detail researches we have prepared posters to sum up the most interesting features and shared within the team. It has been a journey of great inspiration and gave us the right spark to get started!

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