hello shandong university!

Here, it comes the second interview. This time, we will present Shandong Jianzhu University (China). Some team members meet us and answer our questions:

Hi SJU Shandong, So what do you know about Sweden In three words: North Europe, cold, snow
What are you most looking forward to at the Solar Decathlon? Talking to different people, different country, different background. We don't have so many foreigners so we have very little chances to meet people like you. Besides, it is a good opportunity to see the new technology in different houses and know more about HVAC.
What is your team quote? I-magic cub. Share sunshine with you.
What are your English names? Some of them are Lance and Stephen
What word is the most common in your team? "What are you doing!?" and "It's hot".
What would you do if you were invisible for a while? It's hard to say. Girls' bathroom. For me, I will go abroad, because I don't have a passport. Maybe Germany, I want to see the forest.
If you where a blue whale, what would you do if your partner cheated on you? I can do nothing because I am in the sea. I would eat more, and be fatter and fatter
Who is the most gossip person in your team? Maybe it's me! Haha (The girl)
Who is the most party person in your team? The girl who just called me and wanted to go to the party at the 22nd floor. (Yang Shan Jun "man of the mountain")
Which team has the best looking decathletes? It's your team! You have golden hair and blue eyes
Who is sexiest: Architects or Engineers? Engineers
What is your flirting pick up line? - Hi, what's the time now? - I just look at them, they will come to me. My eyes are quite useful ;)
Something else you want to say? I'm very homesick.

Thanks guys, and see you around the site!

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hello team australia!

To get to know the other countries here in Datong, we thought it would be nice to meet some of the teams and have them answer some questions. Today: Our neighbors at building site, team Australia!

Hello Charlie Prior, so what do you know about Sweden In three words: Blonde - Cold - Uppsala (I have a friend there)
What are you most looking forward to at the Solar Decathlon? Opening ceremony and having fun!
What is your team quote? G'day, mate! (Australian greeting Good Day, mate)
What is your Chinese name? Cha Ly
What word is the most common in your team? FUCK! (what else? haha)
What is your team nick name or other nick names? We have "Predator" (Wacht out girls)
What would you do if you were invisible for a while? Sneak around the 12th floor and check out you guys!
If you where a blue whale, what would you do if your partner cheated on you? There is plenty more fish in the sea.
Who is the most gossip person in your team? Jack Breen, our marketing person.
Who is the most party person in your team? Scott, Gavin and Terry aswell.
Which team has the best looking decathletes? My ranking would be Sweden-Belgium-Israel.
Who is sexiest: Architects or Engineers? Engineers, or as we call them, gingerbear.
What is your flirting pick up line? - I say "Ni hao!", that's all that I can say for now haha.

Thanks Charlie, see you around the site!

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competition: solar innovation

Our roof crew did an awesome job putting up the roof. The integrated solar panels cover the whole house and create shades on the deck where we can finally hide from the Chinese crazy weather. As we like to say, the solar cells are not just integrated into the roof, they are the roof!

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best of the day: photo shooting

A nice thing about Datong is that local people really appreciate and enjoy spending time with us. They always make us feel good even when the mood is down, passing by the site, giving us compliments for the house and hanging out on the grass! Thank you everybody for everything!

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competition: arches are back!

After five days of intense work Halo is reappearing. Our skin is burning, there are tears in our eyes and our clothes have never been soo sweaty but it is still the best experience ever. If you are here in Datong come by the site to get some of our love and some stickers!

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hello xiamen university!

To get to know the other decathletes better here in Datong we decided to invite some of the teams over and ask some question. First out: Xiamen University, China

Hi Jiakun, Lu Lianqiang and Wang Zhi What is your english names? Jack Sparrow, Louie and Will (Smith?)
So what do you know about Sweden In three words: alps! (Switzerland?) Beautiful, north Europe
What are you most looking forward to at the Solar Decathlon? Make more friends, get more confidence by building our own house. So cool with new technology. And all team have different ideas. We learn from each other.
What is your team quote? Sunny inside, sunny future
What word is the most common in your team? Shit or thanks god. Louie use the first one most often
What would you do if you were invisible for a while? I don't have the answer
If you where a blue whale, what would you do if your partner cheated on you? I keep swiming (fishes memory only last for a few seconds)
Who is the most gossip person in your team? Gao Lei (team leader)
Who is the most party person in your team? Gao Lei
Which team has the best looking decathletes? Right now we haven´t communicate with other teams, but we would say Sweden
Who is sexiest: Architects or Engineers? Engineers
What is your flirting pick up line? (Louie:) Jack is good on it! (Jack answer:) How is the weather?
Is there something else you want to say? Friendship first, competition come second!

Thank you, and see you on site!

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best of the day: birthday on site

Today it is Galini's birthday! After a nice midnight cake yesterday, we celebrated her on site the whole day: a chinese princess crown, sealing walls, going crazy all around Solar Decathlon site and just lots of happiness. Happy birthday Galini! Even if the time gets hard, we always have fun in Halo. No guilt, only love.

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competition: shaping again

Today and yesterday have been great days! Foundations, floor modules, walls, kitchen, functional wall, and beam box are already in place! The feeling is great, all the other teams are doing good as well and it is been an amazing and surreal experience to be here in Datong!

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competition: let´s get it started!

The competition has officially started yesterday night at 22:00, Datong time. We will be working in morning and night shifts for the next two weeks in order to have time to rest and get the best out of us. The night shift went on site yesterday to mark foundations but unfortunately the were not so lucky: it was raining as hell! Today we have good feelings, no rain (for now) and containers on their way. Hurra!

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best of the day: dinner in datong

Last night we suited up and went for dinner down town to get into the chinese life. Vivien, one of our volunteers, recommended us one of the best fancy restaurant of Datong. Delicious chinese food was served in the typical turning table so that we could all share these delicacies and discover new flavours to delight our palates. After this great banquet we betted the price per person. Mike got the best approach with (only!) 48 yuans per person! The staff was so excited to have us that at the end they wanted to take pictures with the group, thanks guys! That was fun!

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competition: pouring concrete

The rainy weather has delayed the start of the assembly. The site is still under construction, the concrete has been poured and it is getting dry. Good news about the containers, they are on their way! A few hours to the start, it feels so good to be solar decathletes.

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best of the day: tourists in datong

During the first days in Datong we had some spare time to do relax and do some tourism before starting the hard work . We visited the Datong Wall, built in only one year. The view is great! It is amazing to see how the city is growing up day by day! There is also a peaceful area around the lake next to the Solar Decathlon site for taking a breath of fresh air and where our Black Dragon (Björn, our teacher) can run freely!

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competition: solar palace

We are finally set in Datong ! Our new house, the Solar Palace is a huge 22-floors hotel that has been built by the Solar Decathlon organization for all the teams. It also hosts supermarket, farmacy, bank and all the facilities we need. We are honored about that! The "shared space" experience is great!

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competition: working hard

Today the construction was supposed to start but because of bad weather conditions it is delayed. The muddy sites are being fixed with a concrete slab to make it possible to build. All´s well what ends well, our containers ended up in the wrong habour and are not here yet! Anyway, we have a lot of things to prepare and working hard to get the best out of it.

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best of the day: buss market

When the first group arrived the area was not totally finished so we didn´t have any food store. Although they found a fun solution to make us happy!
Everything is going over the wheel!

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time for china!

The first part of the team is already in China and the rest of us is leaving today! Let the games begin!

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cooking classes

Team Sweden chefs have been introduced to the fine swedish kitchen by the Swedish Chefs Association Young Chefs Club and are now ready to rock on the dinner parties that will take place in Halo during the competition! Get ready to have a taste of Sweden and enjoy unforgettable moments with us!

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a chalmers video about halo

Halo is again on Chalmers webpage, this time with an incredible video made by Torgil Störner (Communication & Marketing at Chalmers University of Technology). Check it out!

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china here we come!

Halo is now gone and will leave from the harbour this sunday. Chalmers published an article about our big work! Check it out on Chalmers website!

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thank you carpenters

The construction and disassembly are now over and it is time to say thank you and goodbye to the special carpenters that have been helping us. Thank you for helping, teaching and having fun with us!

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