to our future challenges!

Solar Decathlon is over and after the great success the Government of Datong decided to buy HALO! So we partied hard, said goodbye to our new friends, packed our stuff and left a piece of our heart on site! If Halo was a blast it's also thanks to all of you.
So, now that we are back on track, we decided to put together all our knowledge and start with some new challenges! Keep up the good mood people and start following our new journey!

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halo stays in datong!

Guess what? The Municipality of Datong liked Halo so much they decided to keep it, or better, buy it! Hej då again Halo, but this time is forever!

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shared t-shirt is double t-shirt

Solar Decathlon China is not just a simple competition. It is a great opportunity to meet other people, mix different cultures, make new friends from all over the world and of course, have fun! The environment is really good and friendly. Adversaries become mates. So happy to share this wonderful experience with all of you! It will be sad to leave, but we will always bring these memories with us, together with your T-shirt!

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gender equality

At the end of exhibition, we decided that it was time to do something funny for our beloved visitors. After the "Beach day", we took off the swimming suit and switched uniforms for one day. Ladies and gentlemen, share your laugh!

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last exhibition tour

After ten hard days of exhibition, it is time to say goodbye to our beloved visitors. Our last group got the chance to fully enjoy Halo. Mike is the best entertainer ever: 25 Chinese people laughing and having a blast with detailed explanations, games, music, shower and dancing performance! Without mentioning that almost everything was in Chinese! In Team Sweden we learn fast and know how to have fun!

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party in tha halo

Halo is alive! It is not a house any more, it is our home. To celebrate the end of assembly and exhibition we enjoy a real living experience inside Halo. Mamma mia, what a dinner party! Our first class Italian chef Eva cooked for us a Chinese variant of Pasta all'Amatriciana! Bon appétit! We continued the party dancing, singing and sleeping inside Halo. There is definitely more space than for only 4 people!

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visit to hanging temple

Hanging Temple is an architectural wonder placed 50 meters above the ground. Crossbeams were half-inserted into the rock as the foundation, while the rock on the back became its support. Why build a monastery like this? Because the mountain provides shield from floods and noises. One of the most impressive places that we have visited here in Datong!

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three is a magic number!

Solar Decathlon Competition arrives to the end and our baby HALO gets a fantastic 3rd position overall. Among the 10 contests we competed in, we arrived fourth in Market Appeal, third in Engineering, second in Solar Application and first in Energy Balance, Hot Water and Communication! Hurra! Proud of HALO, proud of TEAM SWEDEN!

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Queue organization, funny entertainment, flying frisbees, guided tours in "Chineglish" and thousands of pictures! During 10 days of exhibition we have learnt how to deal with visitors. The incredible amount of people visiting Halo everyday forced us to make short but intense tours so that everybody could enjoy our great architectural jewel and have a look at the perfection of the interior finishes. An overall of 30.000 people proofed that shared space is double space!

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competition: dinner party

Our second and last dinner party will be determined tonight. Our guests give us credit by the experience, the food and the hospitality. We keep our fingers crossed

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view from the tower

On the exhibition area, there is a tower in each section where you can see the exhibition from above. You can see Halo behind team Australia's house. Today people waited for over 2 hours to visit Halo.

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competition: right now

The competition will run constantly until the 11th of august when the winner is nominated. The status is updated every 15 minutes and temperature measurements in fridge / freezer and humidity are constantly updated. The competition is divided into 10 segments where the max points for each is 100 points. Max points for the whole race is 1000 points. A branch can then be divided into smaller races and the points are then divided accordingly. After 3 days of competition we are currently in second place with 31.226 points shortly after the team Australia. Tonight it's time for the second dinner party, and we look forward to seeing how it goes!

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competition: busy day!

Guided tours all day long! A lot of people wanted to see Halo and the queue was very long. We guided around 300 people per hour and we are so happy for all the positive feedback we got!

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competition: solar decathlon china 2013

This morning we began to attend the opening of SDC 2013. after the event, we started to guide guests around in our house. So exciting!

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competition: what a curve

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competition: halo on tv!

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best of the day: moving on!

The construction part of the competition is over, we are now moving on to part two! Exhibition and competition time!

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competition: finally!

Halo is ready to compete in Solar Decathlon China 2013!

Created:8/1/2013 12:46 PM Comments (7)

best of the day: body builders

If you want to see some real men and women at work you should come to our site tomorrow: sweaty T-shirts and lots of hard shoveling!

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competition: smooth

The solar panels are getting well dressed for the competition. We know you all like curves, but check closer these ones out! Drawing on 1:1 scale and hand cutting this was pure joy.

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